r-Coms is a revolutionary approach to communication, aiming to rally the virtual and the real and bring real value to end users. r-Coms is developing Advanced Location-Based applications adjustable to a wide range of industries. r-Coms pilot application is Date or hate, which is a dating application utilizing the location of two persons at any given time.
With many years of conducting projects on an international arena, we have been able to offer many of the leading companies our unique solution. EHRAB was founded with the aim to supply reliable access to labour in a professional and cost-effective manner. Our Business model provides us to be a specialist in the process of mobilising and supplying teams of workers within Europe.

The Kurdish Business Council is a Scandinavian based trade association.  The organization is committed to ease trade and commerce for both foreign and local companies within the Kurdistan Regions. The organization was founded by numerous companies and organizations representing a broad spectrum of industries.


BVJ Group is an international management consulting firm, working within the civil and construction industry, the energy sector and with information technology. Merging great experience with comprehensive competence across all industries and business functions, BVJ Group is one of the leading market players in their segment.

BVJ Group collaborates with clients to help them become the best in what they do.