Why is Internet establishment so important?

BVJ Group provides IT services, supplying websites, mobile applications, web applications and strategies to establish your organisation on the Internet.The Internet is important for companies, that tend to increasingly use the Internet as a business tool. Today 3 out of 4 companies has a website in Scandinavia and through iphones, BlackBerry and other smartphones, it is very popular to have a mobile application.

Main reasons for the establishment of Internet:
- To find new customers.
- The competitor monitoring and benchmark.
- To find new suppliers.
- Strengthening R&D and to recruit.

The vast majority still use the web mostly for marketing and contact information. Among small e-commerce companies, the Internet has opened up its own niche: a high percentage have buying and paying functions, and out of every ten companies, more than 80 percent generates their revenue streams from the internet.

We can help you with your Internet strategy and to establish your organisation within social media!